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Penang One Health – Malaysian One Health

Welcome to the very first pilot state humanitarian community alliance assistance endeavour in the state of Pulau Pinang and nationally in Malaysia. 

This collectively combines the experiences of Medical Health Care and Veterinary Practice with 10 defining key components of veterinary care and ongoing support.

Creating a new path to equality for all lives with the Penang Not-For-Profit One Health Framework (OHF) and the Penang Alliance For The Control Of Zoonotic Diseases (PACZD) – OHF's 10 Steps Humane Solution : Orphan Street Animals Veterinary Program. By adopting a first world perspective and mindset it will greatly benefit the lives of us humans and our children, household pets, orphan street animals, farm animals, agricultural livestock, wildlife, marine life and the environment as Penang has been vulnerable to zoonotic diseases for the past 4 years. The ultimate long term, effective sound solution and practical strategic alliance of the all-encompassing

10 Steps Humane Solution : 

Orphan Street Animals Veterinary Sponsorship Program defining key components of infinite care are as follows : –

1. Initial Health Consultation 
2. Deworming 
3. Defleaing / Deticking 
4. Canine Vaccination C9 in 1 / Feline Vaccination F5 in 1 ( Primary and Secondary )
5. Rabies Vaccination 
6. Spay And Neuter 
7. Microchipping 
8. OHF Dog And Cat Tag 
9. Malaysian Pet Passport 
10. Adoption OR Re Home On To A Safe Haven Sanctuary ( NOT RELEASE BACK TO THE STREETS )

This is as one would provide for their own household pets at home and not continue to treat the orphan street cats, dogs, kittens, puppies like second class citizens.

This includes the Non Profit One Health Framework (OHF) Immediate Veterinary Attention Assistance Sponsorship for the sick, suffering, injured, abused and abandoned orphan street animals in Penang and the Non Profit One Health Framework (OHF) Humane Education School And Community Programs that were implemented on the 17th September 2011 at Penang Butterfly Farm into the Non Profit One Health Framework ( OHF ) Veterinary Alliance – Penang One Health.

Keeping the streets and environment clean with precautionary measures by safeguarding the most vulnerable in our society today. 

That is the orphan street dogs and cats from being faultless mediums and passing on worldwide and regional deadly viral threats of " Influenza, Infectious and Zoonotic Diseases ( Rabies Virus is an example ) " through the environment and to us humans and especially our children who have a much lower immune system. 

Most importantly it also protects the orphan street dogs and cats from future mass culling, being PTS ( put to sleep ) or caught and impounded at the Local City Councils due to no or lack of complete veterinary care and to officially be recognised as a humane community of healthy orphan street animals living within our society on the streets under the OHF's 10 Steps Humane Solution : Orphan Street Animals Veterinary Program and available for adoption or rehoming before more land for sanctuaries becomes available to house them. '

This is aligned with the fundamental principles of the renowned International Five Principles Of Animal Freedom in 1979, United Nations, Global One Health in 2007 and the Animal Management In Rural And Remote Indigenous Communities (AMRRIC) in 2010. The One Health approach of the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Food And Agriculture Organization (FAO) and World Organization For Animal Health (OIE) is primarily focused on a preventive and protective framework to attain optimal public health for the people, animals and the environment today.

For a nation free of unloved abandoned, abused, homeless, neglected and unwanted suffering animals and the positive change will greatly help and assist Malaysia without taking anything away from its traditional culture and heritage ; it will only enhance it with the infinite gifts of humanity for all lives.

☆☆☆ One Health is " the collaborative efforts of multiple disciplines – working locally, nationally and globally – to attain optimal health for people, animals and the environment " ☆☆☆ 

❤ Be the Voice of Change by Championing the Faultless with The OHF's 10 Steps Humane Solution :

 Orphan Street Animals Veterinary Program ❤

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