A Little Bit More About Ambassador May Bouquet-Brown, From A Street Orphan To Privileged And Today The Duty Of Care .............

May Bouquet-Brown, is a UNESCO Youth Peace Ambassador, United Nations Citizen Ambassador and Full Time Goodwill Humanitarian Volunteer, Goodwill Ambassador in Malaysia, World Orphans Ambassador and International Emergency Aid and Crisis, Disastrous and Response Advocate for Wings Of Goodwill Not-For-Profit. 

It is the heart of the goodwill movement whose aim is to help everyone create a better world by spreading awareness and increasing engagement in goodwill and kindness actions. 

Wings Of Goodwill is strictly humanitarian with no religious or political affiliations and no fundraising. 

The vision is to mediate situations in order to bring a peaceful resolution between the people in the community and the Malaysian Government Agencies. 

Not take sides in situations but see both points of view openly and work hands on volunteering to find a solution to the problems as an Arbitrator. 

To exchange the torch of volunteerism not-for-profit and put unity first be it, humanitarian relief, development aid or leadership and advocacy in volunteer programs in Malaysia. 

https://www.facebook.com/WingsOfGoodwill is a communication and education platform for media, community, social networking, entertainment, connect people with inspiration, tools, resources and organizations.

With a larger support network to help others take action, get involved, harvest and share the benefit of kind activities in their daily lives and societies.

Wings Of Goodwill is dedicated to providing users with dynamic means to teach, learn, collaborate, grow and communicate the goodwill and kindness they care about in their unique ways.

All who join http://www.wingsofgoodwill.org/ can participate in and contribute to a thriving movement where members engaged in thinking, doing and sharing goodwill and kindness and changing the world.

Children are not a pressure group; they seldom get a chance to speak out for themselves and when they do they are not often heard. Children, regardless of where they live, orphaned or at risk need to be loved - in whatever form possible. It takes people like May Bouquet-Brown, an active philanthropist to speak for them through experience and courage.

On the busy side steps of a café shopfront in Penang Island, Malaysia, a young woman without any identification died giving birth to a baby girl with Eurasian eyes. A lady witnessing the event asked to take the little orphan to Penang General Hospital. The baby girl was cared for at Rumah Kanak-Kanak Taman Bakti JKMM, Kepala Batas, Penang until she caught the attention of a Malaysian Chinese family with her big almond shaped eyes. 

May was one of the fortunate ones to attend schooling in an "affluent" society. She pursued her dreams to study in performing arts and had the opportunity at an early age to accompany her adopted father, a general practitioner, to emergency house calls. Progressively, May became aware of the importance and honour of her father’s line of duty to save lives and aid those in need. It came as no surprise that May followed in his footsteps and volunteered to help the people of Malaysia.

Wings Of Goodwill was founded by Duta May Bouquet-Brown in June 2011.

Duta May Bouquet-Brown started as a solo full time volunteer but today with friends and supporters the Wings Of Goodwill is growing fast spreading the goodwill, kindness and not-for-profit volunteerism message.

We at Wings Of Goodwill believe that spreading goodwill, kindness and not-for-profit volunteering is conducive to make the world a better place to live.

Through the generous donations of caring individuals and corporate companies, Wings Of Goodwill will continue to grow and expand into more orphanages and foster homes in Malaysia and throughout South East Asia.

Our goal is to promote goodwill, kindness, unconditional love and not-for-profit volunteerism in every aspect of our lives.

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