The Goodwill And Kindness Movement

Wings Of Goodwill is strictly humanitarian, irrespective of race, with no religious or political affiliation and no fund raising.

The focus is to guide with grace, assist and help the many voiceless, sick and suffering in Malaysia with a philosophy of helping the poor to help themselves and not need charity.

The vision is to mediate situations in order to bring a peaceful resolution between the people in the community and the Malaysian Government Agencies.

Not take sides in situations but see all points of view openly and work hands on volunteering to find a solution to the problems as an Arbitrator.

To carry the torch of not-for-profit volunteerism and put unity first be it, humanitarian relief, development aid or leadership and advocacy in volunteer programs in Malaysia. is a communication and education platform for communities, social charity awareness, connecting inspired people, tools, resources and goodwill charitable deeds contributed by others.

With a larger support network to help others take action, get involved, harvest and share the benefit of kind activities in their daily lives and societies.

Wings Of Goodwill is dedicated to providing users with dynamic means to teach, learn, collaborate, grow and communicate the goodwill, kindness and not-for-profit volunteerism they truly care about in their unique ways.

All who join can participate and contribute to a thriving movement where members engaged in thinking, doing and sharing goodwill, kindness, volunteering and changing the world.

We at Wings Of Goodwill stay true to our faith in humanity be it of human, animal or environment kind.

The Mission Statement

- To inspire people to practice goodwill and kindness.
- To protect the people, animals, environment, land and sea.
- To respect people of different races as well as people of different faiths and religion.
- To champion orphan children and foster children in Government, Private, Unrecognized, Refugee Orphanages and Foster Homes.
- To pass the torch of not-for-profit volunteerism to others.
- To strongly believe this is achievable by setting a good positive example.
- To unite by recognizing common problems affecting us all in the past, present and future generations.
- To provide valuable free education, community ideas, guidance and other resources to goodwill, kindness and volunteering to participants through the Facebook Page and Website.

The Commitment

 To improve the quality of lives with goodwill, kindness and unconditional love.

 All donations will be accounted for with complete transparency.

 Carefully distribute every gifts of kinds in accordance to the greatest need.

 To continue spreading the importance of goodwill and kindness movement.

 To promote awareness, development and help assist Malaysia.

 Address global environmental ecosystems issues, challenges and education.

 Help the less fortunate and underprivileged among us, to help themselves.

 Bonding and bridging Malaysia to South East Asia with International Friendship Missions.

The Endeavour

The heart of our efforts is solely to assist in the poorest of the poor rural communities, the sick, suffering, homeless, voiceless, hospital health care, community services, orphan children, foster children, special needs children, community outreach children, animals and wildlife, preservation of ecosystem, world environmental challenges, protecting George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site, Langkawi Island Kedah Geopark Geoheritage Sites, goodwill charitable deeds contributed by others, to focus on either short and long term rebuilding efforts where support and aid is much needed throughout Malaysia.

The Wings Of Goodwill Foundation

As The Wings Of Goodwill Foundation waits to go through with tax exemption, Ambassador May Bouquet-Brown, will help assist and stand alongside other Malaysian Charitable Organizations in need sharing devoted time, unconditional love and compassion.

100% of all donations will go directly to the charitable cause, we are giving our donors the opportunity to help those in extreme need.

A separate fund is used for the administration cost and fundraising activities with accountability and transparency.

The Charitable Endeavours

Goodwill Humanitarian volunteer

Hospital Health Care

UNESCO youth Peace Ambassador

Community Outreach

Orphan Children

Refugee Children

International Friendship Mission

Environmental Conservation

Wildlife Rescue

guide Dogs for
The Blind

Malaysian One Heath – Street Animals

Disaster Relief

Muslim Aid Malaysia

Orphan Care

Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary

May-Belle Children's Storybook

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Wings Of Goodwill extends a special thank you to Christopher Langlands – Fast Media for sponsoring this dedicated humanitarian website and Israr Yasin for his assistance.

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